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Rainbowdragoneyes - “The Secret Mirror”

Rainbowdragoneyes third album “The Secret Mirror” is available today!

Cassettes (not CDs) are available from Mothlife here:

These chrome green cassettes are packaged in GameBoy™ cartridge boxes and include the instruction manual for the album, as well as a download code for the digital version available on Bandcamp.

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The Secret Mirror – available 8.8.14

Out next month on Cassette and Digital formats!

Earlybird digital preorder right here –



New songy song you guys

my new album is called “The Secret Mirror” and it comes out in July

Good riffin’

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Well, looks like I’m all set! Already got everything I need for #PAX. Can’t wait!!!

Well, looks like I’m all set! Already got everything I need for #PAX. Can’t wait!!!

BITPARTY I.0 – 3/26/14


The Denver Chiptune Society is a small but growing collective of artists and musicians with one common objective: making killer music using primarily (or exclusively) the sound chips of retro video games, such as the NES, Genesis and Game Boy. A little over a year ago the members of the DCS found each other through word of mouth and the Internet, and united with the common objectives of putting on awesome shows and spreading Chiptune awareness throughout their local community.
Chiptune music has been around since the days of the very first home video game consoles, but has seen a steady rise in global popularity over the last few years. This is largely due to a flourishing online community, ongoing development of open-source Chiptune software & hardware, and ultra-cheap or even free available methods of music composition. Some people initially take interest due to the nostalgic value of hearing music akin to a modernized version of their favorite NES soundtracks of yore, but many others enjoy and appreciate it as an art form all on its own without the nostalgic attachment. Due to it’s close association with video games, many national expos and conventions (such as PAX East in Boston) are incorporating Chiptune concerts into their regular programming lineup.
BITPARTY is an event being held to showcase Denver’s diverse array of Chiptune talent. Each artist providing their own unique take on the Chiptune sound. Rainbowdragoneyes (who plays drums in a few local metal bands) has been active since 2009, turning heads with his infectious, seemingly contradictory yet flawlessly-executed blend of GameBoy euro-pop and death metal. Bubblegum Octopus (hailing from NJ) is currently on a nationwide tour passing through to once again whip Denver into a frenzy with his “picopop spazzcore.” Dr. Zilog, a recent Florida transplant plays a tasty Metal guitar over NES backing tracks. Danny a.k.a. Aethernaut is a well-rounded composer for film and video games, and his talent shines through each and every one of his catchy, melodic, and versatile tunes. Orbital Strike originally hail from Seattle but are now pushing their dancefloor-ready chiptunes to Denver audiences. Justin a.k.a. The Ghost Servant creates honest, brutal poetry set to intense, dark and noisy Nanoloop soundscapes.
BITPARTY is for all ages and is to be held at Seventh Circle Music Collective on Wednesday, March 26, from 7pm to Midnight. Admission is a suggested $7 donation. Come on down and see what the fuss is all about!


Here’s a little #riff for you my #children ( #gameboy × #lsdj × #logicpro )


Theme from Star Trek: The Next Generation. This was the intro to my set at MAGfest 12.

Download from my Bandcamp page:



chemical reaction


31 Reasons To Come To The Show Tonight

1. Fun
2 - 31. Good

No filter needed

Octvber 17-19

YOU GUYS, I’m headed back up to Philly in a couple weeks for the first-ever 8-static Festival!! 8-static is Philly’s premier monthly chiptune event, and to celebrate their 5-year anniversary they are putting together a 3-day event with the some of the best, most impressive acts the Chiptune world has to offer.

Admittedly things have been pretty quiet from me lately, too quiet… but my personal life has been in need of some attention and I’m happy to say things are finally getting back on track. More on that subject some other time….

I’m honored to be a part of this monumental event and I’m excited to get back to work on some more music. Let’s celebrate together.

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